What's The Difference Between Swiss lace, Transparent, And HD lace?

What's The Difference Between Swiss lace, Transparent, And HD lace?

Are you confused between Swiss lace, Transparent, and HD lace? Please read the following article carefully:

What's The HD Film Lace ?
HD Film lace, is a new kind of Swiss lace, it needs higher technology to produce. The HD film lace is made of a very thin and even more ventilated Swiss lace. It called as “Film” lace, because it is the finest in thickness and texture of lace that you can purchase. The lace is more transparent than normal transparent lace or Swiss Lace. It is thinner, easier to blend into your skin, you don't need to bleach the lace or use foundation or cancealer on the lace, very beginner friendly. It totally melts into the scalp which makes the lace look the same as the scalp.

What's The Invisible Swiss Lace?
The Invisible Swiss lace, it is made of normal Swiss Lace. The lace color is lighter than normal brown lace, but it is darker brown than transparent lace. The invisible Swiss Lace is more natural than normal lace wigs.

What's The Transparent Lace ?

The Transparent lace,  it is Cheaper than Swiss Lace and HD Lace. Various women choose wigs that are made of transparent lace. You can choose transparent lace without thinking about the skin tone.These laces can be colored to get the desired result. As usually wig manufacturers use white versions of transparent laces. You can use a transparent lace closure for covering the top section of the head after the installation of tracks.

How to identify the HD lace and Normal lace?

  • The HD lace is frayed around the edges.  It has had many “T” pins punctured into the lace when you pull it.
  • HD lace is more thinner than other lace.
  • When you check the lace by microscope, they are different.

What’s the difference between Swiss lace, Transparent, and HD lace?

Pros and Cons of  HD Film Lace
  • HD lace fully integrates into the scalp, making the lace look like the scalp
  • HD LACE is more transparent than other lace
  • Can be installed without glue
  • Lace is very thin, must be treated with extra care

Pros and Cons of Transparent Lace

  • Transparent Lace is white or beige, thicker than hd lace
  • Transparent lace is cheaper than others
  • Transparent lace is matched light skin tones perfectly
    • The lace color is light for brown women

    Pros and Cons of Invisible Swiss Lace

    • Invisible Swiss Lace is very soft, thicker than hd lace
    • Invisible Swiss lace is matched all brown skin tones perfectly
        • The lace color is darker for white women

        To choose the right lace type for your wig, read the following list: 
        • For durability, choose Normal Swiss Lace or Clear Lace.
        • If you have light skin, choose Transparent Lace, HD Lace, or Clear Lace.
        • If you have dark skin, choose Brown Swiss lace, HD lace, Clear Lace.
        • For an effortless skin melt and a natural-looking result, choose HD Lace or Clear Lace.
        • To save money, choose Normal Swiss Lace in Transparent Lace or Brown Lace that matches your skin tone.

        We hope now you understand the difference between Swiss lace and HD lace.